Meet up

Me, Osh, Dean, Jael and Clark

It’s been two years since I have met more than two high school friends at the same time. And this is the second time that the five of us were together. It was in 2008 when Dean, Osh, Jael, Clark and I spent the whole night talking non-stop about everything and anything (two others, Monika and Inciong didn’t make it that night). Two years have gone but it felt like a decade has passed. Two years is sometimes too short for some things to change but for my friends, it is just enough to do some transitions and improvements. A lot has changed… Osh had her teeth braced and is now living independently. She’s also considering marrying her boyfriend within the next 12 months. Jael is more blooming as her 4 years relationship with her boyfriend gets deeper and stronger. She also quit her job to practice her profession as a registered nurse. My best friend Clark slimmed down and her hair gotten longer. Hopefully, she’ll go to UK before the year ends. Then finally, Dean who is now wider as he gained more weight, and most importantly, is currently dating a girl for year now.

But despite the changes, one thing remained- I’m still unattached. All four of them are in a relationship and all are pretty much enjoying their partners. Me? All of them wished for me to find that girl that was destined for me. I’m really praying for that girl but I’m not on a serious hunt right now. I’m a work-in-progress and I want to be ready when she comes. Besides, they told me also that big surprises come when you least expect it. I will let God do that surprise for me. I know she’ll be worth the wait.

Just thinking aloud.


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