(A backpost)

The retreat I attended last week is probably one of the highlights of my life. And there are some things that I realized because of it.

I realized…

…it ain’t really bad to kill someone for a reason.

I just realized that I always wanted to be an assassin- to kill someone on purpose.

Now, I have become one.

And my first victim… the old me.

Yes, I’m starting to kill the old me. It’s hard knowing that I’ve been with the old me for the longest time I can remember. But with the renewed vigor provided by the retreat I attended last week will definitely help me accomplish that task.

The old me is tactless, loud, irreverent, insensitive and most of the time inconsiderate. I was never ashamed of it. Though I am still keeping some relationships despite the snob attitude, I know I was giving them so many reasons to curse me. I’ve realized that and I know that it has to be killed immediately. But as the saying goes, nobody changes over night, it will be a work in a progress. Well at least I have acknowledged and I’m doing something about it now. I’m praying hard to keep up with the new me. I believe God will help me get a new me. Amen!

And yeah, the new blog is also part of the so called ‘restart’. The old John’s address in the blogosphere still exists only it was abandoned for good. I decided not to delete it for sentimental value purposes. I have chronicled some momentous event in my life there that’s why it wouldn’t be that easy to just erase a memory and the fruit of my creative writing. Also, I want it to be there always to remind me of my follies, a constant reminder of the ‘ugly’ me, that it is such a bad thing to revert back to old me.

John Thinking Aloud will be principled on the blogging philosophy of ‘write like no one is reading’. But despite the seemingly uncensored approach I’m taking, this new blog will be a mature me blogging responsibly. Anonymity will be applied to some people I want to protect and to some things I wouldn’t want to be connected with but it just so happened it did. Everything else about me posted here will be for public consumption. I just hope you take me at face. But that comes with some responsibilities too. I believe the world would be a better place if everybody will learn the value of respect. I hope people/reader will learn to observe that undefined boundaries in the Net, including here. I would like to impose the golden rule here and the ‘respect begets respect’ notion. Let’s make the Net a nice place to surf with. Deal?

I think that’s all for my first post here!


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