Random pictures of me taken by me in the gym.

Seeing the pictures above makes me think that my gym efforts are futile. Part to blame is myself ‘coz I think my eating habits did not improve for my new lifestyle. But I point my finger mostly to my instructor/trainer. I’ve spent P22,500 for the 26 hours of his time and I think he wasted my resources. I could list all his shortcomings but that would be time and space consuming here in my blog. And though I thank him for the foundation he laid, I felt he was lacking for he never raised the bar for me. Now, I’m 70% percent convinced of replacing him. The remaining 30% is for me to stop hiring a trainer. Am I complaining? Nope. Just thinking aloud. Am I mad at my trainer? Nope. I was just releasing some tensions.

Anyway, I got three more hours session with him and three more weeks before our Palawan trip. I know it’s too short for me to get bulky and have a dashboard abs but I’ll spend those remaining days seriously in the gym even just for a lean body to sport on our getaway.


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