John’s Gym Facts

Got nothing to do here in the office that’s why I decided to make worthy of this temporary idle time I have. I listed below some random facts about my gym experiences (as if it’s noteworthy…lol).  But before that, here’s some ‘self-portrait’ taken at the gym just last week.

  1. Started on January 7, 2010 (23yo, somewhat late)
  2. Got serious by March 2010
  3. Home club in Mall of Asia (Fitness First)
  4. But most of the time, I workout in Robinson Summit in Makati
  5. Hired a personal trainer (PT), Gutz, for 12 + 25 + 5 sessions, for a total of 27 hours
  6. Hates my PT but got no choice (there’s a contract I signed)
  7. But I’m thankful for the stretching exercises with PT
  8. Visits the gym 4 times a week (the most)- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  9. Longest gym session – 3 hours
  10. Shortest session – 15 minutes
  11. Have spent P39,700 in Fitness First as of June 30, 2010 (most of it for PT)
  12. Had 2 successful member referrals
  13. No diets or supplements, but tried protein whey in fruit shakes
  14. Prefers machines over free weights
  15. Would like to try group exercise but the moves were “too soft”
  16. Loves to go “commando” after shower
  17. Enjoys taking “self-portrait”
  18. Thinks nothing has change in my body
  19. But others see some improvements
  20. Thinks I have grown an inch (height)
  21. Can survive the steam room for 10 minutes
  22. Always starts my session with at least 8 minutes of treadmill
  23. Personal best for 3km run in treadmill = 19 mins. 51 sec
  24. Personal best for 1km run in treadmill = 6 mins 5 sec
  25. Now enjoys joining fun run
  26. Chest press (alone) = 40kg
  27. Leg press (alone) = 80kg
  28. Shoulder press (alone) = 20kg
  29. Pull downs (alone) = 50kg
  30. Lats exercise (alone) = 35kg
  31. Poor on free weights, 25lbs on each side is my limit
  32. Can now do 10 push ups (before I can barely make 2)
  33. Got a weak left arm
  34. Can now do 20 crunches (before, thank God if I make 10)

Just a note, I have to indicate ‘alone’ on some items above. I can do heavier things if I have my spotter/trainer around. And all figures are as of June 30, 2010.


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