The Eco-friendly Run

Peace y'all!

Yesterday, I run my first 5k run during the Ace Hardware-Davies Paint Eco-Friendly Run in Mall of Asia. It was pretty tiring but I finished the run faster than my previous official run. My first official run was during the Nat-Geo Earth Day Run last April 28 and I joined the 3k run. I clocked in 34 minutes, which includes more than 5 minutes of rest along the way. But for my recent run, I joined the 5k and decided to take it seriously. The official time is not yet out but I think I am somewhere 27 to 30 minutes, based on my own timer. (I wasn’t really sure of my own time ‘coz I pressed the start button the moment I pass the starting line which is a minute behind the gunshot.)

Well, I just hope the organizers will fix the problem we encountered during the run and come up with a way to determine our official time. A lot of runners including me were disappointed with what happened. About 10-20 meters away from the finish line, all runners were asked to slow down and queue in one line. The reason? They have to get the control number from our bib to determine our time. I find it really stupid ‘coz it took us 5-10 minutes in that queue before our control number were taken out. Really stupid, right? They should’ve done that after we have crossed the line. I cannot help but compare it to the Earth Day Run held in the same place 2 months ago. At that time, all runners crossed the finish line first before we were asked to remove the control number. I’m still waiting for the official time to be posted and I hope it’ll reflect our correct time.

Anyway, despite the trouble and the glitch, it was still fun. A lot of freebies for a P400 run. Hopefully, the next run will be better technically and with freebies as much as this one.

Before I go, I must leave this simple advice. After a 5k run, rest and don’t stress yourself at the gym for 2 hours.  Take it from me. I was really exhausted after I went to the gym and it feels like my extremities will fell apart any moment. Maybe I’ve reached my limit that time.

Note: I’m doing a catch-up blog marathon today. So expect a lot of posts for June 28…

Note 2: I’m not really an Earth saver or environment advocate. It just so happened that most run I joined in are sponsored for these goals. I don’t see any harm anyway being one. =)


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