I love my parents!!!

I love my parents more after everything that has happened. I love my parents so much ‘coz they’ve been supportive of me from the start. They understand what I am going through and they honor my feelings, my pain.

I am not that super close to my parents but I do open up some matters when it comes to my career. I know they’ve been expecting the financial help the bonus would have contributed if only I have received it in full. We’ve been planning what to do with that money as early as last week of May. But I think it was a curse to count the chicks before the egg hatches. And after last night, I was having some trouble breaking the sad news to them. They’ve been eager to hear any updates about it. I know I might break into tears if I tell it to them face to face. But I have to tell it to them in any way. SMS. I did it through text message early afternoon.

Like me, they were frustrated too. Though they didn’t say anything, I know they are mad too. But instead of hearing the usual nags I get from them and the casual advice of me quitting my job whenever I have problems in the office, I didn’t hear anything unnecessary from them after my revelation. They knew I am down. And they knew how to comfort me- that is to act as if nothing happened. That was what I needed. And I thanked them for that.

It is in times like this when I feel their love to me. Not that they don’t love me everyday, but it is during these times of despondency when you get to appreciate it at greater extent. And I love my parents so much for loving me unconditionally. I wish I am doing enough for them to feel the immensity of my love, respect and appreciation of them. I wish I could tell it to them straight.

Note: My mom got sick today. I hope it won’t get so serious. Money is not so easy to come lately.

Something light: I’m running my second 5k race on August 1 for the Rexona Run 2010 in Mall of Asia grounds. I think it’s a nice way to get back to fitness after getting sick for a week. It’s a nice way to divert my attention away from the negativities also. And the singlet for the run is the best so far. The color black and gold look so classic. And the digital timing chip called D-Tag will be introduced in this race that’s why I’m excited. I hope the run wouldn’t be a disaster (an epic fail) like the Ace Hardware Eco-friendly Run.

Sorry for the messy room in the background.

Good luck to me! Hope to set a new personal best!

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