College Reunion

“Don’t ever forget your old friends when new ones get added… because ‘a new broom may sweep clean, but the old brush knows all the corners'”.

Four years. It was four years ago when I graduated from my alma mater. It was also four years ago when I last saw most of my college peeps. I ran into some of them but we hardly have time to chat with each other. Though I’m not dying to see all of them, I still miss their company. After college, we all choose and live different paths. Some pursued a career in finance while some chose a married life. With different priorities on hand, a get together or a reunion seemed difficult to organize. But who would have thought a simple uploading and tagging of old photos in Facebook would create a stir and call for a reunion? Yes, that started it all. And last July 24, it all happened.

After a simple dinner in some place in Mall of Asia, everybody is so excited to catch up with everybody. Who’s married and who has children already. I even asked if they knew or have some job openings in their work. But the night wouldn’t be complete without some reminiscing. Our follies, our gimmicks, they were all revisited though I don’t recall much. I was put in the spotlight when a friend started asking another batchmate of ours about her former suitor. I was silent throughout the inquisition ‘coz I was that guy and this batchmate of ours brought along her boyfriend. I know it’s been years ago, but I just don’t feel like digging into old stories. But that was all for fun. I know they were just making fun of me. The whole night went loud. There was a lot of catching up to do. Of course, photos were taken too to chronicle the reunion that happened.

Though I’m so tired and exhausted (I attended an event in the morning and went to gym in the afternoon), seeing and talking with them lessened the stress. It was really fun. I wish we have the whole day to bond but it was already late in the evening. Anyway, this won’t be the last. There will be a next to this and that would be much bigger. I hope it’ll be sooner.

More pics are posted in my Multiply account.


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