24 on the 27th


Like my previous 16 birthdays, if my memory serves me right, July 27 this year passed by ordinarily. There were no big surprises that I’ve wanted to have. It would be great and fun if my recent set of friends in the office has planned for something like that. But I guess that’s too much since I have never been that influential to them. Sad, yes but it was ok. That’s really too much to ask. And asking them would mean desperation. Anyway, my NFF, or new found friends over at Single Friends of the Divine Mercy, the spiritual community I’ve joined last May, gave me a warm greeting and a gift I didn’t expect. I think that was the surprise God gave me- meeting all of them and undergoing a renewal. Aside from that intangible gift, they gave another one. It was a picture frame with my photo of course, plus a prayer dedicated to me. Simple but that elated me because I was just a newcomer in the community and still they celebrated it wit me. And despite some inhibitions I still feel with some of them, I feel so welcomed during that early celebration (held last July 23). I hope I can contribute to the community and be of service to God.

There was no grand celebration with my family. We just had dinner at home. It was followed by another simple dinner last night in Mall of Asia. I promised to treat them in Serendra (The Fort) that night but some recent development in the office (to be blog soon) caused me to save money for the rainy days. Next time, I’ll make it up with them- big time!

Me plus two friends

My group in the office and some friends still celebrated my birthday. On the 27th, I treat ten of my groupmates for snacks. The next day, I treated them for dinner over at Shakey’s. My boss contributed P500 to my budget. She knows I’m not that well off these days. That swayed my decision a bit (to be blog soon). The dinner went fine. Everybody was having fun. And despite some issues and worries I have, I still enjoyed the night. It’s the only celebration I have with my audit family throughout my almost 4 years stay in the firm. I won’t spoil the night being emo and doing some drama. That would have to wait ‘til the end of August (to be blog soon). There were no gifts received from them but their presence in the dinner was enough. The night was not grand, not really that memorable but it was a nice feeling to see them celebrate my birthday.

My bestfriend Clark, whom I haven’t got to see or talk to for months, greeted me via Facebook. We were supposed to see INCEPTION last night but we didn’t. I guess we’re busy doing our own stuff. I missed her. Hope to see her soon and catch up with each other.

By the way, on the night of my birthday, I went to gym. I was surprised when I swiped my ID and the sensor alarmed. I thought I was blocked. But it happened on purpose. When I look back to where the reception was (I was supposed to ask what’s the problem), they greeted me a happy birthday. That simply put a smile on my face. I realized that personal warm greetings of happy birthday from anyone- friends, strangers or enemies, can make a difference, bring delight and paint a genuine smile. That feeling was the common thing for all the celebrations happened. That’s the most precious thing I received on my birthday.

Still, any material gifts will be appreciated. =)


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