Rexona Run 2010

That's me. Attitude is everything! =)

Early today, at around 5:30 am in SM Mall of Asia ground, I run my second 5k race during the Rexona Run 2010. This is actually my first real and complete 5k run. The one I’ve joined last June was an epic fail. It was supposed to be a 5k distance but it turn out to be just 4.3k. Worst, there’s no official result given. This time, I have high hopes that results will be accurate. Chrono Track D-Tags were used for the first time, I think, here in the Philippines.

The orange stuff is the D-tag.

Also, today’s event is my first after I resumed to my healthy lifestyle. True enough, it was really a test of my endurance. I wasn’t that prepared compared to my last run in June where my trainer then gave me some exercises to attune myself to the exhaustion. I have lesser stops then. But today, I have 3 full stops, all at water stations, plus a couple of slow jogs. I was hoping for a 30 minute finish but I think I wasn’t able to beat that. When I passed through the finish line, the timer is running somewhere in the thirty second minutes mark. Still, I’m ten minutes faster than Louie, an officemate, who came in second, I think, among my officemates and friends who joined me in this run. I think I’ll run 2 more 5k distances before I go up to 10k. Endurance can’t be build overnight.

Aside from a good performance I showed today, I was more appreciative for the support my dad is giving me. I know he wanted a son who plays basketball but I wasn’t able to do that. I was more on the academics side, which is a better alternative. My family woke up early today to accompany me to the race. Though it was a simple gesture, to me it was really something. They know that this is the only exercise and physical activity I do aside from going to the gym. I love them so much! On October 10, 2010, my family and I will join the Run for Pasig River, which is also an attempt of the Philippines to the world record for most number of participants for a run. We’re hoping to get it and be part of the record.

By the way, I only have one criticism. Not on the race itself, but about the photo souvenir. It wasn’t a great shot, less options and I cannot access the soft copy of my picture for free. The organizers should have chosen another partner. PhotoVendo sucks! But that’s just me. The finisher’s loot bag, its contents and the other booths were more than enough to ignore that petty one. =)

I’m hoping for the same great race experience on my next run. RunRio should organize another one soon! Next goal: 5k run within 30 minutes or less.

More pics are posted in my Multiply account.


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