Results are out!

This just in!

Results for the Rexona Run 2010 are out and is posted over RunRio’s official site. Really fast! Time posted were based on the data gathered from the UHF RFID D-Tag by ChronoTrack Systems. Being my first 5k run, I am so ecstatic to find out how I performed and check my personal record. And here it is:

Gun time (time from the gun start to the time you crossed the finish line):

Rank (based on Gun time):

Chip time (time when you cross the start line to the finish line. This is for knowing one’s personal record):

In case you can't read, it says 31mins and 59 seconds.

My golly! It is a good record but there’s a lot to improve. I pray to do better on Adidas King of the Road… my planned 10k run.

I’m currently reading the comments regarding the event and everybody’s commending the organizers especially Coach Rio (of RunRio). I’m really so looking forward for the next run he will organize. I hope it won’t be that long.

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