The Job Examination Experience

Early today was my scheduled examination and job interview for a bank I applied for. Though it wasn’t my first time since I started hunting again, it was my first examination for like a year. I usually have interviews only for assessment. The rest were being taken care of by my résumé. As I was saying, the experience and the thought of taking an exam were kind of funny ‘coz I literally prepared for it. A friend who just got in there, hinted me about the type of exams they are giving. A lot of essays or compositions she said. That pacified me ‘coz I think it’s my forte- to be wordy. The excitement and the nervousness I am feeling was not mine alone as my mom and my dad were experiencing the same. It brings back the memories I have when I was applying for college in a reputable school here in the Philippines where my parents accompanied me in the testing center and waited for me outside for hours. They did that to the rest of my school applications then. And I was having the same support today. =-)

My schedule is at 1:15pm. I was supposed to go there alone. I don’t know the place but thanks to Google Map ‘coz it gave me an idea of how to get there. Besides, as long you have money, you can always take a cab. That’s my plan. But when somebody says “suppose” somewhere in his statement, you should know that whatever verb or word that follows it must have not happened. My mom and my dad took a half day leave from their office to accompany me to the recruitment office of the bank. I was really surprise ‘coz both of them were calling me during lunch to meet with them somewhere in the area. I told them they didn’t have to. It’s not like I’m too young to be on my own. I’m not even attending a family day event in school. Anyway, they were there already and all I can do is appreciate their support. I felt like half my age. =-)

The day went well, though I was almost late (barely fifteen minutes for the time set). It’s really a no-no, a disgrace for professionals to come late for any exam or interview during job application ‘coz it establishes an impression. I really have to thank my dad for driving me to the bank’s office. As I got there, I was pretty surprise to see a lot of applicants in the recruitment lobby. I should have expected it ‘coz I’m applying with the largest bank in the country. I looked around the swarm of people and see how everyone looks like. I smiled and tell myself that I am better than they are. This was first manifestation of my pride.

As I was sitting in the testing room along with other 20+ applicants, I tried my best not to fall asleep. The exam hasn’t started and I feel bored with nothing to do. I’m starting to get uneasy waiting. I was near my frustration limit ‘coz the exam started at 2:10pm, almost an hour late. The reason- they were accommodating walk-in applicants to join those who were scheduled for the day. I told myself this is not the way to treat professionals. I was expecting that the infamous ‘Filipino time’ will be a thing of the past for an organization as big and reputable as the bank. I also felt somewhat upset for a moment. I was applying for a position as internal auditor, with a rank of Junior Assistant Manager among bank officers. Then, here I am waiting for an hour for the exam. It was further aggravated by the fact that I am taking the same exam with those applying for an entry level post. It was not really the bank’s fault. It was just my pride taking over. A friend who applied for the same position and got it eventually had a different experience. She had it in the recruitment main office, only took a personality exam and then proceeded to an interview. I was hoping for the same treatment since I am an experienced professional and of the same level with my colleague. To release my tension (I was on the brink of walking out), I prayed to God to guide me with my decision and give me knowledge and wisdom to finish the examination. After that, I felt the Holy Spirit blessed me with patience and humility. I said to myself that this is just a test of character. A professional knows when to complain. That moment wasn’t worth of it. Further, it will be my lost if I didn’t proceeded with the exam. Thank you God for the discernment!

So how’s the exam? It was easy, though I had a hard time figuring out the last two items in the abstract and writing down the definition of ‘accounting’ as set by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). My God, the last time I heard about it was four years ago when I was reviewing then for the licensure. When you get to work, you seem to lose interest in theory and be rather adept with the actual practice or the standards. But then again, I should really brush up my basic accounting and auditing knowledge, just in case they ask me about the definition of auditing or the 10 GAAS.

Now, I just hope I’ll do well in the interview (scheduled for Friday) and secure the position and my target income. The pressure is on ‘coz my days in the firm are numbered. I still have three assignments to finish and I also have to do my turnover. If I get the job this early, that would be a subtraction to my worries. Pray for me!

I was seated earlier with a girl who attended the same school as I am. Having a common background, we seemed to jive. I really have to thank her ‘coz I am almost choking with my saliva for not talking. But though she’s a year older or two (she’s 25, I don’t know if she’ll turn 26 some time this year), it felt like I was more mature than her. I was giving her advice about career and trying to change her outlook in life. I sounded like someone from the Guidance Office or from HR lecturing a girl to be ambitious. I really pity those who just want to achieve less than the big opportunity they are given. If only I can take away that opportunity from them and give it to those who are willing to take on the challenge. But then again, who am I to judge them? I am not yet as successful as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Warren Buffet to give wisdom on career and life in general.  Still I’m happy ‘coz I have enlightened someone today. I just hope she’ll take it all in and act on it.

Image source: Credits to Daily Mail UK


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