People often whine for having no options to choose from, for being constrained on following just one path, for having no freedom of weighing things. That could be pretty frightening and pitiful.

But there comes a time in our life when one would wish he doesn’t have a choice, where he doesn’t have to weigh things, where there is only one road to lead to. For in those kinds of situations, regrets will not be possible.

Miserably, I am in that dilemma right now in my career life. I am caught between a “sure job” and a “dream job”.

When I quit my job from public practice of audit, I told myself that I’m going to take a rest for a month and be a bum for the meantime. But I realized I have a lot of obligations to myself and my family that I couldn’t go back being a dependent again. Three weeks before my last day in my previous job, I disseminated my CV to various companies. It was frustrating at first ‘coz they were like taking a lifetime to get back at me. But as day passes, opportunities were crashing in.

That’s when I entertained a financial analyst job for a start up telecommunication company. I didn’t know that it would be that fast, though I went to their office more than 6 times during the hiring process. It paid off nonetheless coz they already asked me to report on Monday. This is the sure job.

Simultaneously, I applied for a less important job as an accountant for an industry leader oil company. I’ve been targeting this company since last year. I have passed already some levels in their hiring process. Yet I declined pursing it further due to some assignments I have with my previous employer. Now that I’m free, I revived my application with them and they gladly consider me again. I’m few steps away from the job offer but it felt like that they are taking too long. This is the dream job, nonetheless.

The sure job offers a competitive and pretty inviting salary despite issues on stability. Further, I’ll be having a supervisor position. The dream job has not given a job offer yet so the salary remains undisclosed but I think it would be lower than that of the sure job and the position is less important again than those of the first one. But the “dream job” wouldn’t be a dream job for nothing. Stability isn’t a question. The learning will be there and the opportunity to grow is present, but may take time. The salary may not be grand but there’s a steady increment every year and the benefits are beyond expectations that I didn’t know it exists. Lower management receives competitively enough versus the presidents of some companies.

Now, what do I choose? Dream job or sure job?

I’m torn. Really. Ambitious as I am, obviously, I am leaning towards pursuing the dream job. Who wouldn’t? But I am also broke, near insolvency and illiquidity. And for practical reasons, accepting the sure job won’t hurt me. It would even take care of my bills now. But what would happen if I accept it and withdraw the other one? What if I choose the wrong job? That’s where my indecision is coming from.

The irony here is that the two companies are affiliated being subsidiaries of a giant food and beverage company.

I decided to pick the sure job for now without necessarily dropping my application with the dream job in an oil company. The latter is taking its time so while waiting, I would spend my time working and earning with the telecom company.


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