The Figaro Run

Fun runs seem to be a normal event every weekend in the metro. And guess where I was last Saturday (09/04)? In a fun run, obviously. And by the way, it’s my new hobby/luxury. It’s what keeps me busy during weekends. =)

me...with a beard and a tash.

It was the 1st Figaro Run last weekend held in The Fort (Bonifacio), Taguig. It’s my first time running in the grounds of The Fort and I am excited to experience how different it is compared with Mall of Asia (MOA) complex. Between the two, The Fort seemed to have lesser vehicle volume and there’s a trail-like route where the terrain seemed to be rough and uphill. Since I’m not familiar with the route yet, it felt like longer than MOA’s. By the way, I asked my dad to drive me there ‘coz I’m not familiar with the place. And as early as 4:30am, we’re already hitting the road. I arrived there around 5:15am and I thought I’m already late, only to find out that race will start at 6am. The 5am call time was for the breakfast being served by the event sponsors. But I didn’t bother eating there ‘coz that may jeopardize my body for the run. Besides, I already had one at home. I only grabbed bottled water and some isotonic drink.

The event wasn’t as organized as my previous but it wasn’t awful as the Eco-Friendly run in MOA. There have been delays in the release of the singlet and the route maps. Though made from a different fabric, the singlet doesn’t fit well for a free size. The distance isn’t accurate too. Some claimed that the 5k distance run was short of 800 meters. That made the 10k run shorter by more than a kilometer, since it’s the same route only it’s for two laps. There has been a bottleneck in the finish line for 3k runners. Thank God it didn’t happened in the 5k line, or was I just early not to experience it? There are more rants posted over some forums but I guess there’s no perfect running event. Even the Rexona Run last July has some troubles too, only it wasn’t as many as this or the other runs. I think RunRio should organize all running event… that was just a wishful thinking. Anyway, all I wish right now is for the organizers, XTribe and Figaro, to release the official time of the participants. It’s been a week already. I just want to know if I have outdone my previous. I’m preparing for my next runs.

As of today, I have two scheduled runs (already registered) – the 4th Auto Review Run and the Run for Pasig River. I’m running the 5k again for the aforementioned but I have already planned my first 10k run next month for the Adidas King of the Road run and another one in November for the 3rd part of RunRio Trilogy sponsored by Unilab.

Runs are organized usually for two things- either for advocacy or advertisement purposes. But Figaro, a local café franchise, is sailing on both sides. Tagged as a run to save the Barako Trees, I see no reason why they have to. It’s not as if Barako tree is endangered or any coffee tree for that matter. I guess the organizers made it appear to be a pro-environment advocacy well in fact it is nothing but an ad campaign. But I couldn’t care more. =) And I don’t think there’ll be a second one.


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