irony, noun
incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs

I was busier when I was jobless.
I was everywhere in the metro attending examinations and interviews. Even at home, I am preoccupied related to my job hunt browsing different career sites and editing my résumé. But as you all know, I was recently hired in a telecom company and has started last Monday. Yet here I am in my cubicle slothful… against my will. I feel like a professional bum, if there’s such a thing.

Just when the girl I like broke up with my friend, I seem to lose my interest to her.
Not actually. I gave up on her months ago as a respect to my buddy. I remained a close friend to both of them nonetheless. But when opportunities like this sprout, some people grab it. I am not one of those “some people”. Besides, I have already confided (my old feelings) to her days before their breakup and I have accepted the fact that I will always be just a friend to her. Case close.

A markdown sale in Mall of Asia, tagged as the “Big Big Sale of Asia”, happens this weekend exactly at the middle of my bankruptcy.
The last word above is an exaggeration. I am just penniless. My last pay in my previous work is still on hold. I only have three grand at the bank right now. And I just received earlier my bill from the credit card and it stands at more than ten grand. I’m totally broke right now. My first salary here in my current job will only be on the end of the month. Though my due is payable on the next month, I just can’t spend on anything right now. Bad timing for a big sale…they should’ve consulted me before they put up an event like that. As if.

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jobless >>> here
love triangle >>> here
broke >>> here


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