On to my 4th day…

… of being useless/idle.

I’m really getting tired of doing nothing, not much on the physical though. It’s not that I’m too excited to work and show off to my new boss. It’s the thought that I will be getting some pay despite just sitting here in my cubicle. It’s an ego thing for me. I feel worst ‘coz I am ineffectual for the post I was hired for. Blame me not. It’s them who ask me to report immediately. Unfortunately, they were not ready for my arrival.

Now, I’m seriously reconsidering some options. A good pay is pretty tempting, but an unorganized and unstable company can be a headache in the future.

Anyway, I’ll be on half day today to discuss my pending application with another company. It’s with the dream job, by the way. I just had my pre-employment medical exam last week and the company doctor will discuss to me the results. I hope they find me healthy enough to be hired. I pray that the offer in the coming weeks will be as competitive with my current.

I wasn’t able to go on leave this afternoon. Less than three hours before our time off, they gave me something to do, something simple, something out of my expectations as a financial analyst. But I remained humbled and accepted the task. No harm just a slight blow on my ego. Also, they promised to issue a laptop tomorrow. Sadly, I have told myself that I will not go to office tomorrow to attend to my pending application. Pray for me!

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