Finally, the results!

Finally! After two weeks of waiting, Figaro has finally released the race results. I’m at the brink of cursing the Figaro Run organizers already for it seemed that they don’t have any plans of doing so. Thank God they did. It’s the result that saved them, despite some complains still cropping up.One, instead of our names posted in the list, it was just our bib numbers. Well, it’s better than to have nothing at all. Then, there were a lot of runners of which their bib numbers did not register in the race results. Thank God again for number 1642, which is me by the way, is in the list. I really hope they’ll solve it. I know the feeling of waiting for nothing and it’s heartbreaking.

Based on the official race result posted at Pinoy Fitness, I was the 65th runner under the 5k category to cross the finish line, with a time of:

It reads “25 minutes and 649 milliseconds”, in case you have trouble taking it. Seemed very precise with the millisecond thing. But it wasn’t. Like what I’ve mentioned before, the distance was not accurately measured. The 5km distance is short of 800 meters. It is expected that many personal records were establish that day. Same with me, which is earlier by 5 minutes with my previous run. But to make the official result “real”, I have estimated it myself. If I will have to interpolate my real time based on the given result, I would have clocked in a complete 5k distance in:

At that rate, I can safely say that I have already breached my previous record of 32 minutes and 30 seconds. Yahhooo! It means that I’m getting faster with my every run. It was within my range of expectation, around 27 to 30 minutes. I hope to be faster with my next two 5k runs, 28 or 27 minutes. And hopefully, it’ll prepare me for my first 10 kilometer run next month and in November. It’s really a test of endurance and I hope it will be enough for me to accomplish it. I know I can do it! Pray for me!

I’m having doubts of pursuing my first 10km run this October for the Adidas King of the Road. I have seen the race route and I found out that it will pass the Kalayaan Flyover in EDSA. And that’s what troubles me. I am acrophobic. I have a terrible fear of heights. Crossing footbridge is already a problem for me. To run over at a flyover is a death-defying stunt to me already. Anyway, I’ve got one week to decide. Official registration starts on Sept. 24 and it’s on a first come first served basis (limited slots). I hope I can overcome it.


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