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If all possible ways fail, try the impossible. It might work.


A fall from the third floor hurts as much as a fall from the hundredth. Lesson? Give it your all. It’ll hurt the same.


Best words of wisdom in life:

– Before you say “I can’t”, make sure you’ve tried.
– Before you let doubts stop you, confront them with facts
– Before fear holds you back, go forward with faith
– Before you believe others are better, show them your best
– Before you dismiss your dreams, wait until they’ve come true
– Before you go looking for happiness, make your own wherever you are.


Ponder on this: Sometimes, you just want to quit a battle when things start to hurt. You want to stop and leave everything as it is, before the pain get worst. But when you remember that you’ve prayed hard for it and how much you really wanted it even before you have stepped on that battlefield… Hope comes into your heart… that maybe… it is worth going this far.

Credits to spiritka for the image used.


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