Pretty credible result

Three days after the 4th Auto Review Run and the results are already available. Very commendable on the part of the organizers despite the non-use of any timing device for each runner. Or they have some kind of a scanner for the bar code in our bib numbers? Hmm, I couldn’t care more.

The result posted over at Pinoy Fitness showed that I finished 107th out of 743 5k runners. For a distance of 5 kilometers, I clocked in 30 minutes and 42 seconds. That’s faster than my record back in the Rexona Run but slightly slower than my estimated time in the Figaro Run. In case the hearsay is true that the 5k route is longer by 200 meters, I think I’m faster for all cases in this race.

Pretty credible result. It’s almost the same with my own estimate.

It’s just that there’s something wrong with it. The number of 5k runners are only 700 plus? I thought it was around a grand. Also, I am runner 5869 but my name isn’t Adrain Aquino, as indicated in the results. Further, I’m only 24 years old, not 27. Now the question, is that really my record or of somebody else? Rushed result? They could have taken the whole week to release a complete and proper result.

Anyway, I’ll own the record unless they release a revised one.

Oh, here are some pics taken after the event:

I always have a camera with me every time I join a run. I’m documenting everything…for this blog!


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