Breaking news! I don’t usually post stuff like this here but I think it’s worth sharing!

After the infamous dancing inmates from Cebu (Philippines), we now have dancing Flight Attendants on Cebu Pacific!!! Stream the video below to see the girls bop to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”  and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.

Aren’t we, Filipinos, talented? Cool, eh?

While this is such a creative way of giving flight instructions, this is also  a proof that the Philippine airline industry has yet to cope with the international standards. I believe they don’t do this anymore in other big airlines. I wonder, though, if this is within the regulations of Air Transportation Office? But anyway, this is so effing cool. Good idea. Very entertaining. I bet all passengers paid attention to them and surely, others will. Before, I sort of ignore them (unless the FA met my hotness criteria). I want to catch these girls in my coming flights! I am seriously considering Cebu Pacific in all my travels now. (Just a note, Cebu Pac should now start addressing their flight schedule issues)

Now, I’m kinda reminiscent of Britney Spears music video for “Toxic” (can’t see the vid?  click here).


Credits to wingco1129 for the video of dancing FA above.


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