HSBC 135 Fun Run

While I was running my first 10k during the Adidas KOTR last October 24, I realized that maybe I made a wrong decision in signing up for such distance. Though I’m always short of breath, I kept on murmuring to myself that I won’t do it again. The pain was new to me and I think I’m torturing myself for not prepping up seriously for it.  I really told myself that I should stick to 5k for long and that it’s going to take time before I run my next 10k again.

But two weeks after, November 6, here I am again in the familiar ground of BGC in my red singlet and black running shoes joining my second 10k run at the HSBC 135 Run.

What made me change my mind was the feeling of fulfillment I felt after crossing the finish line in KOTR. I immediately chew over what I said while enduring the test. Tiring, yes it is (I almost give up). But the enjoyment or the satisfaction of being able to finish the race was amazing, and that erased my pessimism brought by the exhaustion I felt during the race.

So how’s my experience?

All in all, it was a-ok.

Pre-event, I did not experience any problems. I registered in Royal Sporting House in Glorietta on October 27 and got my singlet on October 31. There was no hassle.

During the run itself, I didn’t notice any major trouble except for the perennial issue of traffic or road re-routing for motorist, which I think is really out of the organizers’ control. (For this matter, I really prefer having these events in MOA complex.) Distance markers are very important to determine one speed especially there were no pace runners to indicate how fast we are going. (Adidas KOTR 2010 legacy, I think.) It’s sad that there were no distance markers for all milestones, only for 5km, 8km and 9km. Good thing, I have check the route map before so I have an idea of the distance based on landmarks. About the water stations, they are filled, though they could have added some energy drinks for hydration. Our registration cost P750, I don’t think they couldn’t afford that or they could have at least tap those beverage companies to sponsor the event. Just saying.

It’s the post event, however, that almost ruin the event. The long queue for the giveaways was absurd.  Most runners were complaining ‘coz the time they have to stay in the line was longer than the time they have to finish the distance. I’m almost pissed off ‘coz I have no one to talk to or to take my mind off the long line. But after some time, here I am receiving my loot bag finally. Thank God for the patience was worth it. They got a nice finisher shirt and water bottle as giveaways. Plus they were giving bananas to the runner. I was just expecting a bottle of water or energy drink to come with it. But I think no one heed to the organizers’ request for hydration sponsorship that’s we’re left with none.

But what really made the event suck, at least on my level, was that it’s my first running event alone! Isn’t that tragic? I was supposed to meet two friends there. But they backed out so it’s really just me on the field. Like what I said, it’s too boring to be on your own. It’s hard to entertain yourself for those long queues of giveaways or baggage area or to pretend that you’re texting someone when in fact most of my friends are still asleep at 7am. Also, you got no one to share the experience. Hay, I am really thankful for this blog for giving me a spot to share all these. Now, I learn my lesson. Never run alone, again. Really tragic! I should be really looking hard for running buddies or a running date to accompany me. Too bad, I’m a pretty shy guy. I wanted to join running clubs before but something hinders me. I don’t know what it is and I don’t know why. Hopefully, I could join the adiNation in MOA or in Ayala soon to meet new friends.

By the way, this HSBC 135 Fun Run, my second 10k run was my best 10k so far. Clocking at 59 minutes and 32 seconds, I’m faster by at least seven minutes. My previous record was obviously the KOTR 2010, being my first 10k, where I posted a 1:07:18 finish or a 1:06:09 personal time at a pace of 6:43/km. I wasn’t really expecting beating my previous record as I was enduring a right knee and nape pain for days. I got it during the practice run I had with my dad last Wednesday. It was only on Friday, the night before, when I decided to take Skelan (naproxen sodium) for my knees and joints and salon pas for my neck pain. I really prayed hard that night too. With an aching right knee, I was just hoping to finish the race in less than two hours and with no injury. But God is good. I was feeling okay the next morning feeling like my knees were ready to endure a marathon already. And as it was, I was faster than what I expected.

But two hours after the run, the pain was just deferred. I was having hard time taking steps down the gym and walking back to the bus station. Too bad, it’s too early for my dad to pick me up. It was just 9:30am. He’s in the office and he’ll be out only by 1pm. So I really have to endure the pain going back home without a ride. Another lesson learned, I should have my own car soon!

Scheduled run:
Nov. 21, 2010 5k        Run United 2 (Unilab/RunRio)
Dec. 5, 2010   10k      2nd Quezon City International Marathon

Nov. 28, 2010 3k        Run BGC (hopefully, with my family)
Dec. 5, 2010    5k        Nike Run (how am I gonna do it? I don’t know)

Personal blog coming soon…


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