2nd Quezon City International Marathon (quick post)

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(official time updated)

Also known as the QCIM 2, this is event has become one of the running events of the year that a runner shouldn’t miss. Though I really consider joining the Nike Run, a Runrio event on the same day only in BGC, I realized that it is much better to support a local government event than an advertising gimmickry hidden in a cause oriented purposes. But I don’t mind joining such as long as there are no conflicts and I would get my money’s worth. And since I’m not really a “runner” in its strictest sense, I always hope for a singlet in every running event I will join. But that’s just for my souvenir.

So how was the second edition of QCIM? It was a great day actually and the route is so much better than the many turns and crossings of BGC. It was a great time to set a personal record, which I did! Yay! But the cost for making one is an aching knee. I pray to recover ASAP. It’s a Monday tomorrow and I have an important meeting in the afternoon. Pray for me!

Anyway, here’s a run down of the event today.

What: 2nd Quezon City International Marathon
When: December 5, 2010
Where: Quezon City
Organizer: Runnex

Event               10k (3rd 10k)
Overall time     55 min 10 sec (updated)

Average HR     192bpm
Peak                 201
Minimum         148

Total calories burned: 1,151kcal

Recovery         -20bpm in one minute

Delay               18 seconds (time before I crossed the starting line)
3k                    14 min 13 sec (00:14:32, personal best)
4k                    7 min 8 sec (00:21:40)
5k                    5min 14 sec (00:26:54, personal best)
6k                    5min 3 sec (00:31:58)
7k                    7 min 8 sec (00:39:06)
8k                    5 min 32 sec (00:44:38)
10k                  10 min 14 sec (00:54:53)

Personal best    55 min 10 sec (official) / 54 min 53 sec (net) – QCIM 2
Previous record:
HSBC 135 Fun Run     00:59:32
Adidas KOTR 2010     01:06:09

(Stats are from my Timex Road Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor)

My plan was just to breach the 55 minutes mark and I did it! Goal attained! Now it’s time to prepare for a sub-50 10k run, but that would be for PSE Bull Run 2011 next year. I don’t think I’ll be that competitive enough to have a strong finish in the Milo Marathon next Sunday. Like what I just said, I’m still nursing an aching right knee. I hope Skelan and Alaxan will do the trick for me.

Scheduled/Planned run
Dec. 12, 2010              10k      34th Milo Marathon, Manila
Jan. 9, 2011                 10k      PSE Bull Run 2011, BGC
Feb. 6, 2011                10/16k Condura Skyway Run 2011, BGC-Skyway
February 2011             5k        Run for Help, MOA
Mar. 6, 2011                15k      Run United 1 2011

By the way, I saw Bhoy Runner of RunnersRunner.com. He gladly obliged to take pictures with him. Next time, I’ll be making rounds to find running buddies from takbo.ph community. Can’t wait for the Christmas Party on December 16, 2010 and meet some of them there!


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