This is how I am going to introduce myself… one month ago.

I am an accountant by profession but I am a writer-wannabe at heart. I wear necktie for most of the weekdays as a symbol of my slavery to the corporate world. Though my employment contract says that I should work only from 8:30 to 5:30, I find myself most of the time leaving my cubicle at 7:00 pm and sometimes, staying up on my place for nearly 24 hours trying to beat deadlines. It would not be that frustrating if only I get paid for doing that sacrifices. Despite that, I only get enough salary to give my mom her grocery allowance, provide for my daily “corporate guy needs” (will blog about it someday) and afford 3 movies every month. Yes my job revolves mainly on corporate finances, helping clients do their financial statements, improving their systems and finding ways to save from taxes, both in legal and illegal ways, but irony has it as I cannot seem to solve my own economic crisis. More to that, office drama is way beyond my comprehension and my subtle emotions, much crazier than what I see on TV, a proof to the saying that fact is really stranger than fiction (will blog about it soon too).

With everything being said, I would have been in a mental institution today if I did not have any forms of venting out. Well, as a guy, we do not usually gossip about it outside the office or with my family so I am not referring to any communication with humans as my outlet. Instead, I found comfort in blurting everything out by talking to my other self, my alter ego, that is my blog. This is where the inner writer in me comes out to manifest itself. It is when I am in this mode that I feel free. I get to be a writer in my own right just donned in a plain shirt and pants without the trace of my “slavery”. Writing is my next passion, after girls, and my blog is my refuge. Though numbers do solve a lot of mysteries in this world, only words can give a better way of sharing the wonders of life and the bitterness that goes with it. Words and some pictures depict my life in my blog. (Numbers just help me pay the bills and purchase what is not free in the grocery.)

But the blog I have before this had transformed into a collage of my randomness losing its real essence of just finding a way out to express my countless grievances with my work and my disappointment with life. And so I have to semi-abandon it, and start a new one. This blog will be mature enough for my age and will be real in every sense, no sugar coating. There will be no effort from me to be hilarious or comedic in my post. But I would try to steer away from sharing problems plaguing my corporate life and have once in awhile a feel good reflection.


I’m on a float. And near bankruptcy.


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