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Discovery Vertical Marathon (quick post)

I’ve been joining fun runs for seven months now and 10k has been the greatest physical challenge for me so far. But that changed last Saturday. Last weekend, I joined the first vertical marathon in the Philippines, an indoor running event done on stairs. It was a new experience and it was indeed challenging. I enjoyed it nonetheless! Pretty fulfilling!




What: Discovery Vertical Marathon
Where: Bonifacio E-Services Building
When: November 27, 2010 6:00am

Event                                 Half century (50 floors)
Total Time                       15:14

Average HR                      189
Peak HR                             205
Min HR                               161

Total Calories                 313

161m run + 1km Slope run (9 floors) + 16 floors up             09:39
25th floor down                                                                                    13:37
500m run                                                                                                 15:14

Personal best! Well, everyone who participated last Saturday set their own personal record being the first of its kind challenge. I’m so proud being part of it.

By the way, thank you to Skechers Philippines for the free slot! I hope to win more race kits next year.

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Breaking news! I don’t usually post stuff like this here but I think it’s worth sharing!

After the infamous dancing inmates from Cebu (Philippines), we now have dancing Flight Attendants on Cebu Pacific!!! Stream the video below to see the girls bop to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”  and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.

Aren’t we, Filipinos, talented? Cool, eh?

While this is such a creative way of giving flight instructions, this is also  a proof that the Philippine airline industry has yet to cope with the international standards. I believe they don’t do this anymore in other big airlines. I wonder, though, if this is within the regulations of Air Transportation Office? But anyway, this is so effing cool. Good idea. Very entertaining. I bet all passengers paid attention to them and surely, others will. Before, I sort of ignore them (unless the FA met my hotness criteria). I want to catch these girls in my coming flights! I am seriously considering Cebu Pacific in all my travels now. (Just a note, Cebu Pac should now start addressing their flight schedule issues)

Now, I’m kinda reminiscent of Britney Spears music video for “Toxic” (can’t see the vid?  click here).


Credits to wingco1129 for the video of dancing FA above.


irony, noun
incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs

I was busier when I was jobless.
I was everywhere in the metro attending examinations and interviews. Even at home, I am preoccupied related to my job hunt browsing different career sites and editing my résumé. But as you all know, I was recently hired in a telecom company and has started last Monday. Yet here I am in my cubicle slothful… against my will. I feel like a professional bum, if there’s such a thing.

Just when the girl I like broke up with my friend, I seem to lose my interest to her.
Not actually. I gave up on her months ago as a respect to my buddy. I remained a close friend to both of them nonetheless. But when opportunities like this sprout, some people grab it. I am not one of those “some people”. Besides, I have already confided (my old feelings) to her days before their breakup and I have accepted the fact that I will always be just a friend to her. Case close.

A markdown sale in Mall of Asia, tagged as the “Big Big Sale of Asia”, happens this weekend exactly at the middle of my bankruptcy.
The last word above is an exaggeration. I am just penniless. My last pay in my previous work is still on hold. I only have three grand at the bank right now. And I just received earlier my bill from the credit card and it stands at more than ten grand. I’m totally broke right now. My first salary here in my current job will only be on the end of the month. Though my due is payable on the next month, I just can’t spend on anything right now. Bad timing for a big sale…they should’ve consulted me before they put up an event like that. As if.

Photo credits:
jobless >>> here
love triangle >>> here
broke >>> here


People often whine for having no options to choose from, for being constrained on following just one path, for having no freedom of weighing things. That could be pretty frightening and pitiful.

But there comes a time in our life when one would wish he doesn’t have a choice, where he doesn’t have to weigh things, where there is only one road to lead to. For in those kinds of situations, regrets will not be possible.

Miserably, I am in that dilemma right now in my career life. I am caught between a “sure job” and a “dream job”.

When I quit my job from public practice of audit, I told myself that I’m going to take a rest for a month and be a bum for the meantime. But I realized I have a lot of obligations to myself and my family that I couldn’t go back being a dependent again. Three weeks before my last day in my previous job, I disseminated my CV to various companies. It was frustrating at first ‘coz they were like taking a lifetime to get back at me. But as day passes, opportunities were crashing in.

That’s when I entertained a financial analyst job for a start up telecommunication company. I didn’t know that it would be that fast, though I went to their office more than 6 times during the hiring process. It paid off nonetheless coz they already asked me to report on Monday. This is the sure job.

Simultaneously, I applied for a less important job as an accountant for an industry leader oil company. I’ve been targeting this company since last year. I have passed already some levels in their hiring process. Yet I declined pursing it further due to some assignments I have with my previous employer. Now that I’m free, I revived my application with them and they gladly consider me again. I’m few steps away from the job offer but it felt like that they are taking too long. This is the dream job, nonetheless.

The sure job offers a competitive and pretty inviting salary despite issues on stability. Further, I’ll be having a supervisor position. The dream job has not given a job offer yet so the salary remains undisclosed but I think it would be lower than that of the sure job and the position is less important again than those of the first one. But the “dream job” wouldn’t be a dream job for nothing. Stability isn’t a question. The learning will be there and the opportunity to grow is present, but may take time. The salary may not be grand but there’s a steady increment every year and the benefits are beyond expectations that I didn’t know it exists. Lower management receives competitively enough versus the presidents of some companies.

Now, what do I choose? Dream job or sure job?

I’m torn. Really. Ambitious as I am, obviously, I am leaning towards pursuing the dream job. Who wouldn’t? But I am also broke, near insolvency and illiquidity. And for practical reasons, accepting the sure job won’t hurt me. It would even take care of my bills now. But what would happen if I accept it and withdraw the other one? What if I choose the wrong job? That’s where my indecision is coming from.

The irony here is that the two companies are affiliated being subsidiaries of a giant food and beverage company.

I decided to pick the sure job for now without necessarily dropping my application with the dream job in an oil company. The latter is taking its time so while waiting, I would spend my time working and earning with the telecom company.

Two weeks

Two weeks of seclusion.

Two weeks of process called detachment.

Two weeks for the change to become permanent.

My days are numbered and it has wind down to this. Two weeks.

Two weeks before I leave the place I have considered home and school for more than three years.

Two weeks more and it’s over.

In two weeks, I hope it will all be smooth and easy.

Two weeks.

Tribute to Ryan Bang

I still can’t get over with what happened last Saturday. And I’m still bitter. Ryan Bang, the Korean guy and the life of the Big Brother house (as termed by us fans), should’ve won the prize of being PBB Teen Grand Winner. He deserves it more than the “dashing dude of Australia”, James Reid.

When Ryan described the Filipinos, though it isn’t clear what he’s trying to say, he was able to give the most sincere answer among the 6 and the most applauded one. Not to mention that it was funny at the same time. Ryan really intensified the Korean wave here in the Philippines. With James, he just admitted that he’s not worthy at all.

Who can pull off something like that so spontaneously? Despite being pure Korean blooded, Ryan showed he is more Filipino than most, if not all, teens inside the Big Brother House. Too bad, most Filipino tweeners are ‘jejemons’. They have poor discernment for voting the sugar-coated James. But who cares? I think Ryan remains to be the most loved housemate of his batch! He left a mark that will be hard to topple (see sample below). James will just evaporate even before the next reality show of ABS CBN starts. Below are some of Ryan’s moments inside the Big Brother house:

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