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Just busy

It’s been a month since I wrote something here…

My inactivity here in this blog does not necessarily mean that I haven’t thinking aloud. It’s just that I was busy doing my turnover in the firm. You read it right. Just in case you don’t know, I quit already. And it’s just about time that I move on. The moving on part is what has kept me even busier. I’ve been around the metro for two weeks attending interviews, medical exam, job offers and getting some clearances from a government agency. I also tried to enjoy my short vacation. It’s either I’m dozing off or watching TV/movies.

I tried writing something here about my leaving, some sort of last will for my colleagues in the firm. But it felt like another chore thinking of what to blog or how to make it creative and moving at the same time. I was caught on making it as personal as possible and making it as inspiring as Coelho’s writing style.

If you missed the words “short vacation” somewhere above, it is indeed a short one. I have already secured a job in a telecom company and I am asked to report on Monday. Though I wanted to extend my vacation, I really have to work to support my luxuries, my ever getting-expensive lifestyle. I need to have money by October. My dad and my lola are celebrating their birthdays next month and I have runs to registered too. Add to that my gym membership. Whew, thinking about it really worries me.

Wish me luck with my new job! And a welcome hug here in my blog!

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