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This happened last Wednesday…

Me taking a self-portrait with my phone

Today marks my comeback to my so-called ‘healthy living’, that’s working out in the gym. The last time I’ve been in Fitness First was last July 1, a day before our Palawan trip. After that, I’ve been sick for days. Vomiting and uncontrolled bowel movements seemed to flush away all the muscles I’ve worked on. And it looks like I’ve really lost a lot of weight. And that’s bad ‘coz I’m on a build up program, not weight loss. So after a week of unwellness, my dad told me to take another week of rest and non-stop eating so that I can gain those mass that I’ve lost. Eating is probably the most pleasurable thing to do aside from sleeping and sex. I enjoyed bulking up but I don’t think I have gained enough.

Then lately, it felt like going back to the gym is a chore to me now and just another nonsense tiring activity. But after slacking for 2 days, I’ve finally went to the gym earlier. Man, I feel like a newbie. Though I can still run on the treadmill at an average of 9km+ per hour, my fate with machines was bad. I was having hard time lifting weights. I have to lower my usual weights by a level (around 5 pounds) to complete a set. And 1 hour of exercise/workout earlier seemed eternity. My muscles sore. I didn’t even tried free weights today. But I guess it’s just normal since my body is adjusting back to my usual gym routines.

However, what made my day extra special was not solely because of my ‘comeback’.

Five minutes or less before the clock strike seven, I received a text message from a girl (the same I was referring to in my previous blog) that she’ll be leaving the office at 8pm and asked what time I’ll be back. Hurriedly, I wrap up my last machine exercise and hit the showers. I asked her if I can join her to dinner since my best buddy, her boyfriend, left early to watch a basketball game. Again, I don’t see any harm eating out with her, since we’re friends too. Flirting? Maybe, but it’s more of a friendly gesture. Anyway, my shower took a little longer ‘coz I couldn’t adjust my shower to lukewarm. No matter how I would turn the shower, I always get the hot one, so hot it made the frosted glass door moist. When I got back to my locker, I received another message saying that she got bored in the office and that she’ll be going out earlier.

In an instant, I donned my pants without wearing any boxers (swear, I almost forgot to zip my fly) and put on my rubber shoes without any socks. I even forgot to blow dry my hair and combed it. The gym is about two blocks away from the office but it rained earlier making my sprint a bit dangerous. Still, I dashed my way to office. I’m lucky ‘coz the escalators in the underpass are still on. That lessened my effort of running.

Though I’ve just taken a shower, I feel a bit sweaty because of my sprint. Thank God the air conditioning in the office is still on. More to that, she’s still in her table. I went to her and asked if we can go now. We were packing up some stuff when my dad called me up. Actually it’s my mom who was in the other line telling me that they have already parked near at the back of our office. It is part of our family economics to fetch me in the office as often as possible to save on transpo expenses. My mom and I worked in the same city so my dad will just do some turns to reach me after picking up my mom in her office. I told them I’ll be there soon and ask if we can drop someone along our way. Though we usually take EDSA going home, we can pass via Buendia, her way home, as our option. They were ok with it.

After I hang up, I told her that my parents are already there to pick me up. I told her I will still join her for dinner but we have to dine out/ take it out. Then I asked her if I can bring her home. She hesitated but she agreed eventually.

We went to McDonalds where I treat her some meal and bought another for my parents. She wavered again ‘coz she’s shy to see my mom and dad. I told her it’s okay, they don’t mind and told her that she wasn’t the first person from the office I brought along a girl to my parents. The latter was a lie. She’s the first one from office. It was Clarysse, my best friend, the first girl I introduced to my parents but that was like ages ago and no one followed… ‘til her. I persuaded her to join us, then she accepted again.

Inside the car, I can feel my mom and my dad sensing her. She, on the other hand, is staring at my dad trying to check any resemblance. I told her I looked like my mom more. It was dark and she cannot verify. Anyway, we decided to eat while we were on our way. I tried to play around with her but I draw back when she mentioned my best bud’s name, her boyfriend. I tried to divert the topic but she’s able to redirect it back. But her discussion didn’t prosper. Now I know how to counter every time she’ll mention his name- only silence. =) We were near the street where she usually drops off from the bus. I told her we can drive through her apartment. She told me it’s okay to just drop her off in the bus station. It was too much, according to her, to bring her at their doors. We said our ‘goodbyes’ and ‘take cares’, then we left.

That was just a simple event but to me it was something. I hope it wouldn’t be the last time. She texted me saying thank you for the treat and the ride. I told her I’ll learn to drive a car soon, so that next time it’ll be just the two of us. She said she’ll wait for that. I feel delighted once again.

After the movie date, I swear I really don’t know what to do with the revived feeling. I acted normally and kept my silence about that tryst last Saturday. But somehow, my excitement occasionally escapes my control that I found myself telling stories to my officemates about the movie (just the movie) and caught myself smiling at times, reminiscent of my short-lived bliss. Then today happened. I don’t want to put colors with what we are doing but for someone like me, I couldn’t help but to picture more about us.


Am I climbing up just to fall down hard again? How can I avoid her when my flesh always want to catch a glimpse her? Make me over? Or collect more courage to really pursue her? I’m confuse but let me savor what happened tonight. I would just go with the flow. Hopefully, the rapids wouldn’t be as chaotic as it was before.


John’s Gym Facts

Got nothing to do here in the office that’s why I decided to make worthy of this temporary idle time I have. I listed below some random facts about my gym experiences (as if it’s noteworthy…lol).  But before that, here’s some ‘self-portrait’ taken at the gym just last week.

  1. Started on January 7, 2010 (23yo, somewhat late)
  2. Got serious by March 2010
  3. Home club in Mall of Asia (Fitness First)
  4. But most of the time, I workout in Robinson Summit in Makati
  5. Hired a personal trainer (PT), Gutz, for 12 + 25 + 5 sessions, for a total of 27 hours
  6. Hates my PT but got no choice (there’s a contract I signed)
  7. But I’m thankful for the stretching exercises with PT
  8. Visits the gym 4 times a week (the most)- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  9. Longest gym session – 3 hours
  10. Shortest session – 15 minutes
  11. Have spent P39,700 in Fitness First as of June 30, 2010 (most of it for PT)
  12. Had 2 successful member referrals
  13. No diets or supplements, but tried protein whey in fruit shakes
  14. Prefers machines over free weights
  15. Would like to try group exercise but the moves were “too soft”
  16. Loves to go “commando” after shower
  17. Enjoys taking “self-portrait”
  18. Thinks nothing has change in my body
  19. But others see some improvements
  20. Thinks I have grown an inch (height)
  21. Can survive the steam room for 10 minutes
  22. Always starts my session with at least 8 minutes of treadmill
  23. Personal best for 3km run in treadmill = 19 mins. 51 sec
  24. Personal best for 1km run in treadmill = 6 mins 5 sec
  25. Now enjoys joining fun run
  26. Chest press (alone) = 40kg
  27. Leg press (alone) = 80kg
  28. Shoulder press (alone) = 20kg
  29. Pull downs (alone) = 50kg
  30. Lats exercise (alone) = 35kg
  31. Poor on free weights, 25lbs on each side is my limit
  32. Can now do 10 push ups (before I can barely make 2)
  33. Got a weak left arm
  34. Can now do 20 crunches (before, thank God if I make 10)

Just a note, I have to indicate ‘alone’ on some items above. I can do heavier things if I have my spotter/trainer around. And all figures are as of June 30, 2010.


Random pictures of me taken by me in the gym.

Seeing the pictures above makes me think that my gym efforts are futile. Part to blame is myself ‘coz I think my eating habits did not improve for my new lifestyle. But I point my finger mostly to my instructor/trainer. I’ve spent P22,500 for the 26 hours of his time and I think he wasted my resources. I could list all his shortcomings but that would be time and space consuming here in my blog. And though I thank him for the foundation he laid, I felt he was lacking for he never raised the bar for me. Now, I’m 70% percent convinced of replacing him. The remaining 30% is for me to stop hiring a trainer. Am I complaining? Nope. Just thinking aloud. Am I mad at my trainer? Nope. I was just releasing some tensions.

Anyway, I got three more hours session with him and three more weeks before our Palawan trip. I know it’s too short for me to get bulky and have a dashboard abs but I’ll spend those remaining days seriously in the gym even just for a lean body to sport on our getaway.