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Best at 25

Last weekend was a busy one for me. It was the Figaro Run last Saturday. The next day, it was my best friend Clark’s (Clarysse) 25th birthday.

It’s been three months since we last saw each other. We barely text or call during that time. We’ve been busy with each other’s life, which sadly, don’t necessarily include me on hers or she on mine. It is during that time that I think we have voided the term “best friend”. And that feeling occurred to me many times already, especially during college. I know little about her life right now and vice versa. I don’t even get to check her Facebook status. But I think once you’ve called someone a “best friend”, even if you don’t do the duties and responsibility of being one, you continue to call and term each other until a “war” or death ends it.

But so much for my pathetic intro.

It is during the month of September when we get to break the absence of our communication. Well, it should. We always celebrate her birthday on the 5th, unlike mine when I always find myself occupied during the 27th of July or penniless. She must be really lucky. She gets a birthday allowance from her mom in UK for the celebration. And so am I- just not the allowance part, but for being invited always. I really should. I’m the best friend, in case you forget.

This year, though, we’ll celebrate it with her boy friend Mkhay. They’ve been going out for five years I think and in a couple of years or so, they’ll be married. But it’s the first time, in recent years, when she gets to celebrate it with him. The guy is a seaman and during the third or last quarter of the year, he’s out there traversing one of the seven oceans of the world. Only this year, Mkhay is studying for a certification he needs to rise from the ranks. I know him only through Clark’s stories. Though we’ve met in the past, we never had an opportunity to talk and get to know each other. That’s the reason probably why I was just erased from being the planned “best man” for their wedding. Just to make things clear, I’m cool with that. I still hope I’ll be part of the entourage.

Her birthday treat was a dinner one held at Kaisen Ryori in Seaside Macapagal Avenue. The planned celebration was supposed to be intimate, just the five of us- her, her boyfriend, her brother, another girl friend and me. But it almost doubled, we became nine. Aside from her and Mkhay, only her brother Christian is familiar. They were not even her relatives. It was from Mkhay’s side so it felt like odd for me. Nonetheless, Mkhay and Christian kept me busy talking. When the food was served, all of which are seafood, I understand why we have to increase in number for the dinner. There were five meals served twice. And though the restaurant’s name sound Japanese, it was all Filipino dish. I was worried if it was indeed a Japanese one. I’m not a fan of sushi, maki or sashimi. They don’t look like edible to me, maybe teriyaki or kararage or katsudon will do (they have Western equivalents).

It may not be obvious with my pout in this shot, but I really enjoyed the night. Who wouldn’t enjoy free dinner?

Despite being an all Filipino dinner, there were at least two dishes unfamiliar and they were left untouched by me. I’m not into exotic food and I don’t intend to be one. Still it was a scrumptious dinner. I really loved baked mussels. I ate more than twenty. And the shrimps were nicely cooked and really big. I think I had five. I feel heavy after that and my head hurt a bit. Damn, I forgot my diet.

Though I’m still jobless and broke last week, I still managed to produce a gift. Thanks to my credit card. I got her a tumbler from Starbucks. Now, I wonder how I owe the bank.

Here’s a photo of us taken that night.

Just being consistent with my pout. =)

This is how we look like a year ago (on her birthday).

Literally, ‘I got your back’.

And 2 years ago (again on her birthday)…

me, MJ, Clark and a very serious shot... =)

See our evolution? Not much of a difference, right? By the way, in the photo a year ago, Mkhay was the one in the line when the picture was taken.

Next year, I hope to celebrate my 25th birthday with her and more friends. Wish me more money!


24 on the 27th


Like my previous 16 birthdays, if my memory serves me right, July 27 this year passed by ordinarily. There were no big surprises that I’ve wanted to have. It would be great and fun if my recent set of friends in the office has planned for something like that. But I guess that’s too much since I have never been that influential to them. Sad, yes but it was ok. That’s really too much to ask. And asking them would mean desperation. Anyway, my NFF, or new found friends over at Single Friends of the Divine Mercy, the spiritual community I’ve joined last May, gave me a warm greeting and a gift I didn’t expect. I think that was the surprise God gave me- meeting all of them and undergoing a renewal. Aside from that intangible gift, they gave another one. It was a picture frame with my photo of course, plus a prayer dedicated to me. Simple but that elated me because I was just a newcomer in the community and still they celebrated it wit me. And despite some inhibitions I still feel with some of them, I feel so welcomed during that early celebration (held last July 23). I hope I can contribute to the community and be of service to God.

There was no grand celebration with my family. We just had dinner at home. It was followed by another simple dinner last night in Mall of Asia. I promised to treat them in Serendra (The Fort) that night but some recent development in the office (to be blog soon) caused me to save money for the rainy days. Next time, I’ll make it up with them- big time!

Me plus two friends

My group in the office and some friends still celebrated my birthday. On the 27th, I treat ten of my groupmates for snacks. The next day, I treated them for dinner over at Shakey’s. My boss contributed P500 to my budget. She knows I’m not that well off these days. That swayed my decision a bit (to be blog soon). The dinner went fine. Everybody was having fun. And despite some issues and worries I have, I still enjoyed the night. It’s the only celebration I have with my audit family throughout my almost 4 years stay in the firm. I won’t spoil the night being emo and doing some drama. That would have to wait ‘til the end of August (to be blog soon). There were no gifts received from them but their presence in the dinner was enough. The night was not grand, not really that memorable but it was a nice feeling to see them celebrate my birthday.

My bestfriend Clark, whom I haven’t got to see or talk to for months, greeted me via Facebook. We were supposed to see INCEPTION last night but we didn’t. I guess we’re busy doing our own stuff. I missed her. Hope to see her soon and catch up with each other.

By the way, on the night of my birthday, I went to gym. I was surprised when I swiped my ID and the sensor alarmed. I thought I was blocked. But it happened on purpose. When I look back to where the reception was (I was supposed to ask what’s the problem), they greeted me a happy birthday. That simply put a smile on my face. I realized that personal warm greetings of happy birthday from anyone- friends, strangers or enemies, can make a difference, bring delight and paint a genuine smile. That feeling was the common thing for all the celebrations happened. That’s the most precious thing I received on my birthday.

Still, any material gifts will be appreciated. =)

College Reunion

“Don’t ever forget your old friends when new ones get added… because ‘a new broom may sweep clean, but the old brush knows all the corners'”.

Four years. It was four years ago when I graduated from my alma mater. It was also four years ago when I last saw most of my college peeps. I ran into some of them but we hardly have time to chat with each other. Though I’m not dying to see all of them, I still miss their company. After college, we all choose and live different paths. Some pursued a career in finance while some chose a married life. With different priorities on hand, a get together or a reunion seemed difficult to organize. But who would have thought a simple uploading and tagging of old photos in Facebook would create a stir and call for a reunion? Yes, that started it all. And last July 24, it all happened.

After a simple dinner in some place in Mall of Asia, everybody is so excited to catch up with everybody. Who’s married and who has children already. I even asked if they knew or have some job openings in their work. But the night wouldn’t be complete without some reminiscing. Our follies, our gimmicks, they were all revisited though I don’t recall much. I was put in the spotlight when a friend started asking another batchmate of ours about her former suitor. I was silent throughout the inquisition ‘coz I was that guy and this batchmate of ours brought along her boyfriend. I know it’s been years ago, but I just don’t feel like digging into old stories. But that was all for fun. I know they were just making fun of me. The whole night went loud. There was a lot of catching up to do. Of course, photos were taken too to chronicle the reunion that happened.

Though I’m so tired and exhausted (I attended an event in the morning and went to gym in the afternoon), seeing and talking with them lessened the stress. It was really fun. I wish we have the whole day to bond but it was already late in the evening. Anyway, this won’t be the last. There will be a next to this and that would be much bigger. I hope it’ll be sooner.

More pics are posted in my Multiply account.

Palawan Getaway (a teaser)

Pics from my recent trip to Palawan last July 2-4, 2010… be mesmerize with the picturesque scenery of El Nido!

View of El Nido

Clear underwater shot of me

Me and my audit family

Another group shot

Patrick Star...

…will share to the whole world my great experience in Palawan in due time. I’m still working on it. =)

*Photos above are edited with the use of Picasa. I feel like a professional photo editor with the results above!

Meet up

Me, Osh, Dean, Jael and Clark

It’s been two years since I have met more than two high school friends at the same time. And this is the second time that the five of us were together. It was in 2008 when Dean, Osh, Jael, Clark and I spent the whole night talking non-stop about everything and anything (two others, Monika and Inciong didn’t make it that night). Two years have gone but it felt like a decade has passed. Two years is sometimes too short for some things to change but for my friends, it is just enough to do some transitions and improvements. A lot has changed… Osh had her teeth braced and is now living independently. She’s also considering marrying her boyfriend within the next 12 months. Jael is more blooming as her 4 years relationship with her boyfriend gets deeper and stronger. She also quit her job to practice her profession as a registered nurse. My best friend Clark slimmed down and her hair gotten longer. Hopefully, she’ll go to UK before the year ends. Then finally, Dean who is now wider as he gained more weight, and most importantly, is currently dating a girl for year now.

But despite the changes, one thing remained- I’m still unattached. All four of them are in a relationship and all are pretty much enjoying their partners. Me? All of them wished for me to find that girl that was destined for me. I’m really praying for that girl but I’m not on a serious hunt right now. I’m a work-in-progress and I want to be ready when she comes. Besides, they told me also that big surprises come when you least expect it. I will let God do that surprise for me. I know she’ll be worth the wait.

Just thinking aloud.