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Txt Msg 9

Zombie: Why do you keep on striking me with your peas that will eventually shoot me to death?

Peashooter: Because you’re only interested with brains. How about my heart?

The Plants vs. Zombies Love Story… awww!


Txt Msg 8

If all possible ways fail, try the impossible. It might work.


A fall from the third floor hurts as much as a fall from the hundredth. Lesson? Give it your all. It’ll hurt the same.


Best words of wisdom in life:

– Before you say “I can’t”, make sure you’ve tried.
– Before you let doubts stop you, confront them with facts
– Before fear holds you back, go forward with faith
– Before you believe others are better, show them your best
– Before you dismiss your dreams, wait until they’ve come true
– Before you go looking for happiness, make your own wherever you are.


Ponder on this: Sometimes, you just want to quit a battle when things start to hurt. You want to stop and leave everything as it is, before the pain get worst. But when you remember that you’ve prayed hard for it and how much you really wanted it even before you have stepped on that battlefield… Hope comes into your heart… that maybe… it is worth going this far.

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Txt Msg 7

One grows distant from another not because of hatred, not because of indifference but because of fear. There’s the fear that the pain gets greater as one gets closer; a recognition of the tendency to fall deeply, and consequently drown in a quicksand of stupid irrationalities. Sometimes, what drives one away is not the absence of emotion, but the overwhelming presence of it.

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Txt Msg 6

No matter how painful or stupid your decision has been, as long as you can stand the consequences, it means that you have made the right choice.

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Txt Msg 5

At some point, you will realize that you have done too much already for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to leave them alone.

Stop. Walk away.

It’s not like you’re giving up, and it’s not like you shouldn’t try. It’s just that you have to draw the line of determination and desperation.

What is really yours would eventually be yours. And what is not, no matter how hard you try will never be.


As if I really have a chance with her…

Txt Msg 4

Perhaps, the hardest to conquer on earth isn’t any land but something much smaller- the heart. It insists on self-rule. But the more it stubbornly follows its way, the more likely it submits to pain.

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Txt Msg 3

Sometimes we have to give up wonderful things just to make everything alright. We have to hurt alone for somebody to smile. We need to let those tears flow just to save the tears of others. We have to break our own hearts to fill somebody else’s emptiness. And there are times when we have to give up our own happiness just to rescue someone else’s burden.

Some call it martyrdom.

Some say it is stupidity.

But for me, it is as plain as unconditional love.

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