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Discovery Vertical Marathon (quick post)

I’ve been joining fun runs for seven months now and 10k has been the greatest physical challenge for me so far. But that changed last Saturday. Last weekend, I joined the first vertical marathon in the Philippines, an indoor running event done on stairs. It was a new experience and it was indeed challenging. I enjoyed it nonetheless! Pretty fulfilling!




What: Discovery Vertical Marathon
Where: Bonifacio E-Services Building
When: November 27, 2010 6:00am

Event                                 Half century (50 floors)
Total Time                       15:14

Average HR                      189
Peak HR                             205
Min HR                               161

Total Calories                 313

161m run + 1km Slope run (9 floors) + 16 floors up             09:39
25th floor down                                                                                    13:37
500m run                                                                                                 15:14

Personal best! Well, everyone who participated last Saturday set their own personal record being the first of its kind challenge. I’m so proud being part of it.

By the way, thank you to Skechers Philippines for the free slot! I hope to win more race kits next year.

(full blog coming soon…)


Run United 2 (quick post)

Like what I’ve been saying, only a Runrio event can top another Runrio event. This is the race event of the year! The organizers have raised the bar higher and I hope others will put an effort to be at least at par with this event. Anyway, kudos to Runrio and Unilab for a great run!

What: Run United 2 (Runrio Trilogy Leg 3)
Where: Bonifacio Global City
When: November 23, 2010 5:00am

Event                                       5k
Total Time                              28:57

Average HR             186bpm
Peak HR                  203
Min HR                    170

Total Calories          573

1km                         04:57
2km                         11:05
3km                         17:23
4km                         22:52
5km                         28:57

Pace: 5:47/km

Rank (based on guntime): 726 out of 4,442

Total mileage as of date: 48km, official runs

This is my best time for 5k officially. My previous 25mins personal best for Figaro Run is questionable as it was short by around 500 to 800m.

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HSBC Run (quick post)

That's me in one of my very few pics taken during the event...

Here’s my statistics for the recently concluded HSBC 135 Fun Run, where I run my second 10k run, based on my Timex Road Trainer watch, except for the overall time:

Overall 59 minutes 32 seconds, official (updated)

5km– 28m 34s
8km– 47m 10s
9km– 53m 25s

Pace 5:57/km (updated)

Average heart rate 188bpm
Peak– 203bpm
Minimum– 139bpm

Total calories 1215 kcal

Total mileage as of date 43km, official

Best time for 10k 59m 27s (HSBC 135 Run)

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Adidas King of the Road 2010

The extra mile is right between your ears.

So the signboard says at the gym.

But signing up for a 10k run seemed like signing up for death or pain eternal at the minimum especially if you haven’t trained enough for that kind of physical exhaustion.

I survived it, nonetheless. Impossible is nothing, right?

The physical exhaustion I am talking about is the Adidas King of the Road 2010 that happened yesterday in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) where I run my first 10k race. Though I am known to be a very competitive guy taking most things gravely, KOTR wasn’t one of those most things. I took the challenge lightly as I know that I am not prepared enough to dash and set high standards for myself for that test of endurance. And though I planned a month ahead to prepare for KOTR, other priorities just wouldn’t let me have it. Three weeks before the big day, I am running every other night around the Mall of Asia complex. I limit doing weights at the gym to focus on my pacing. The plan was to double the 3.5km run the next week and some more distance days before the event. But my new work had me staying in the office ‘til midnight for 3 days straight and some other days passed 8pm. And mentally, my mind isn’t ready. So I don’t really expect to be faster.

But just like what Miley said, it doesn’t matter how fast you get there… it’s the climb, or should I say it’s the run. =)

How did I fare?

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