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34th Milo Marathon (quick post)

Me running on Buendia Flyover (photo courtesy of Photovendo)

Since I was young, I have been hearing a lot about Milo Marathon. It was only last Sunday when I got the chance to join the race (my 4th 10k event) and it was also the first time I get to run with my family. My dad run his first 5k while my two sisters joined the 3k event. My mom is somewhere in the audience cheering and taking our pictures.

It was a great day. But I got injured for the second time and the next morning I fell ill. I’m feeling better now. I think I just needed a rest. It was my 4th straight Sunday running event and my body isn’t adopting that fast. I know I’ll get better and better with every run I will join. Thank you God!

Anyway, here’s my stat for the last weekend’s event (unofficial):

What: 34th Milo Marathon
When: December 12, 2010
Where: Manila
Organizer: Rudy Biscocho

Event               10k(4th 10k)
Overall time     58 min 18 sec

Split (km) Cumulative Per milestone Mins/km
2 10:05 10:05 5:02
3 15:48 5:43 5:43
5.5 30:56 15:08 6:03
6.5 36:50 5:54 5:54
7.5 43:16 6:26 6:26
8.5 49:10 5:54 5:54
10 58:18 9:08 6:05
Average 5:52

I finished the 10k distance in 58 minutes and 18 seconds. It wasn’t my best comparing it to my QCIM 2 result but it was my second best 10k time. Hope to breached the sub-50 (or 52) mark soon…

Sadly,I don’t have any heart rate stats as my HRM stop functioning. I have yet to ask Timex what happened. They better fix it. I just bought it last October in time for Adidas KOTR. (Update: drained battery…just need a new one.)

Scheduled/Planned run
Dec. 19, 2010   5k  Pioneer Extreme Run, Ortigas
Jan. 9, 2011    10k  PSE Bull Run 2011, BGC
Jan. 23, 2011 10k Greentennial Run, BGC
Feb. 6, 2011    16k  Condura Skyway Run 2011, Ayala-Skyway-BGC
Mar. 6, 2011   15k  Run United  2011


Discovery Vertical Marathon (quick post)

I’ve been joining fun runs for seven months now and 10k has been the greatest physical challenge for me so far. But that changed last Saturday. Last weekend, I joined the first vertical marathon in the Philippines, an indoor running event done on stairs. It was a new experience and it was indeed challenging. I enjoyed it nonetheless! Pretty fulfilling!




What: Discovery Vertical Marathon
Where: Bonifacio E-Services Building
When: November 27, 2010 6:00am

Event                                 Half century (50 floors)
Total Time                       15:14

Average HR                      189
Peak HR                             205
Min HR                               161

Total Calories                 313

161m run + 1km Slope run (9 floors) + 16 floors up             09:39
25th floor down                                                                                    13:37
500m run                                                                                                 15:14

Personal best! Well, everyone who participated last Saturday set their own personal record being the first of its kind challenge. I’m so proud being part of it.

By the way, thank you to Skechers Philippines for the free slot! I hope to win more race kits next year.

(full blog coming soon…)

Run United 2 (quick post)

Like what I’ve been saying, only a Runrio event can top another Runrio event. This is the race event of the year! The organizers have raised the bar higher and I hope others will put an effort to be at least at par with this event. Anyway, kudos to Runrio and Unilab for a great run!

What: Run United 2 (Runrio Trilogy Leg 3)
Where: Bonifacio Global City
When: November 23, 2010 5:00am

Event                                       5k
Total Time                              28:57

Average HR             186bpm
Peak HR                  203
Min HR                    170

Total Calories          573

1km                         04:57
2km                         11:05
3km                         17:23
4km                         22:52
5km                         28:57

Pace: 5:47/km

Rank (based on guntime): 726 out of 4,442

Total mileage as of date: 48km, official runs

This is my best time for 5k officially. My previous 25mins personal best for Figaro Run is questionable as it was short by around 500 to 800m.

(full blog coming soon..)

HSBC Run (quick post)

That's me in one of my very few pics taken during the event...

Here’s my statistics for the recently concluded HSBC 135 Fun Run, where I run my second 10k run, based on my Timex Road Trainer watch, except for the overall time:

Overall 59 minutes 32 seconds, official (updated)

5km– 28m 34s
8km– 47m 10s
9km– 53m 25s

Pace 5:57/km (updated)

Average heart rate 188bpm
Peak– 203bpm
Minimum– 139bpm

Total calories 1215 kcal

Total mileage as of date 43km, official

Best time for 10k 59m 27s (HSBC 135 Run)

Full blog will be up soon…

Adidas King of the Road 2010

The extra mile is right between your ears.

So the signboard says at the gym.

But signing up for a 10k run seemed like signing up for death or pain eternal at the minimum especially if you haven’t trained enough for that kind of physical exhaustion.

I survived it, nonetheless. Impossible is nothing, right?

The physical exhaustion I am talking about is the Adidas King of the Road 2010 that happened yesterday in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) where I run my first 10k race. Though I am known to be a very competitive guy taking most things gravely, KOTR wasn’t one of those most things. I took the challenge lightly as I know that I am not prepared enough to dash and set high standards for myself for that test of endurance. And though I planned a month ahead to prepare for KOTR, other priorities just wouldn’t let me have it. Three weeks before the big day, I am running every other night around the Mall of Asia complex. I limit doing weights at the gym to focus on my pacing. The plan was to double the 3.5km run the next week and some more distance days before the event. But my new work had me staying in the office ‘til midnight for 3 days straight and some other days passed 8pm. And mentally, my mind isn’t ready. So I don’t really expect to be faster.

But just like what Miley said, it doesn’t matter how fast you get there… it’s the climb, or should I say it’s the run. =)

How did I fare?

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Breaking news! I don’t usually post stuff like this here but I think it’s worth sharing!

After the infamous dancing inmates from Cebu (Philippines), we now have dancing Flight Attendants on Cebu Pacific!!! Stream the video below to see the girls bop to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”  and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls”.

Aren’t we, Filipinos, talented? Cool, eh?

While this is such a creative way of giving flight instructions, this is also  a proof that the Philippine airline industry has yet to cope with the international standards. I believe they don’t do this anymore in other big airlines. I wonder, though, if this is within the regulations of Air Transportation Office? But anyway, this is so effing cool. Good idea. Very entertaining. I bet all passengers paid attention to them and surely, others will. Before, I sort of ignore them (unless the FA met my hotness criteria). I want to catch these girls in my coming flights! I am seriously considering Cebu Pacific in all my travels now. (Just a note, Cebu Pac should now start addressing their flight schedule issues)

Now, I’m kinda reminiscent of Britney Spears music video for “Toxic” (can’t see the vid?  click here).


Credits to wingco1129 for the video of dancing FA above.

Rexona Run 2010

That's me. Attitude is everything! =)

Early today, at around 5:30 am in SM Mall of Asia ground, I run my second 5k race during the Rexona Run 2010. This is actually my first real and complete 5k run. The one I’ve joined last June was an epic fail. It was supposed to be a 5k distance but it turn out to be just 4.3k. Worst, there’s no official result given. This time, I have high hopes that results will be accurate. Chrono Track D-Tags were used for the first time, I think, here in the Philippines.

The orange stuff is the D-tag.

Also, today’s event is my first after I resumed to my healthy lifestyle. True enough, it was really a test of my endurance. I wasn’t that prepared compared to my last run in June where my trainer then gave me some exercises to attune myself to the exhaustion. I have lesser stops then. But today, I have 3 full stops, all at water stations, plus a couple of slow jogs. I was hoping for a 30 minute finish but I think I wasn’t able to beat that. When I passed through the finish line, the timer is running somewhere in the thirty second minutes mark. Still, I’m ten minutes faster than Louie, an officemate, who came in second, I think, among my officemates and friends who joined me in this run. I think I’ll run 2 more 5k distances before I go up to 10k. Endurance can’t be build overnight.

Aside from a good performance I showed today, I was more appreciative for the support my dad is giving me. I know he wanted a son who plays basketball but I wasn’t able to do that. I was more on the academics side, which is a better alternative. My family woke up early today to accompany me to the race. Though it was a simple gesture, to me it was really something. They know that this is the only exercise and physical activity I do aside from going to the gym. I love them so much! On October 10, 2010, my family and I will join the Run for Pasig River, which is also an attempt of the Philippines to the world record for most number of participants for a run. We’re hoping to get it and be part of the record.

By the way, I only have one criticism. Not on the race itself, but about the photo souvenir. It wasn’t a great shot, less options and I cannot access the soft copy of my picture for free. The organizers should have chosen another partner. PhotoVendo sucks! But that’s just me. The finisher’s loot bag, its contents and the other booths were more than enough to ignore that petty one. =)

I’m hoping for the same great race experience on my next run. RunRio should organize another one soon! Next goal: 5k run within 30 minutes or less.

More pics are posted in my Multiply account.